Cone Crushers


Simplicity in design and rugged construction give the Cone Crusher Simplex ideal characteristics for heavy duty continuous operations. For each application we offer the ideal size crusher to achieve a more economical and efficient production.


The external drive lubrication keeps the supply of oil pressure, temperature and flow controlled, monitored by visual and audible warning sensors, and interlock with the main engine aiming more security.


Carcasses of Cone Crusher SIMPLEX are produced starting from advanced projects and performed under strict production process and quality control, giving them structural rigidity and reliability.

Flexible application

The cone crushers SIMPLEX can have their crushing chamber changed since the thinnest to the thickest just replacing the coatings, thus meeting the various operating conditions.

Capacity of Hydraulic Cone Crusher

The Cone Crusher SIMPLEX are designed to act as secondary or tertiary both fixed and mobile plants and operating with highly abrasive materials.

Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Electro-hydraulic adjustments, Automated Survey System and Protection

With the use of the aperture control system driven by hydraulic motors, adjustment is fast, accurate and easily performed, thereby minimizing the stop intervals, ensuring high rates of production. The same system also makes replacement of the wear coating a quick and simple task. If the crusher stop the full chamber (eg caused by power outages), a simple push button activates the hydraulic cylinders making the complete unloading and cleaning of clogged material. The relief system of the crushing chamber using hydraulic cylinders aided by nitrogen expansion vessels, allows all materials not britável great pass without causing damage to the equipment.

Cone Crusher Mechanical

Settings, Lift System and Protection

The mechanical system developed by our engineers is simple and low cost, while maintaining the agility and ease in setting procedures and replacement of desgaste.O relief system coatings uses coil springs, allowing all materials not britável great pass without causing damage to the equipment.

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